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A complete branding package for a local Long Beach Bakery with recipes passed down from generation to generation.

It's "Love on a Plate."

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Ignite.Evolve. Transcend.


Reptile Expo 
Poster Design

Made in Advanced Typography, I created an experimental poster design that went through extensive critiques and revisions. The poster was the result of combining six separate finalized poster designs.

poster reptile mmockup.png

A type specimen creating a metaphor between rhinestones and the classic roman font Center. Both out of style, both uniquely beautiful and angular. 


Ducati Panigale

A student project that tastefully showcases one of the worlds best performance street bikes with a hint of 007 fun 


Collateral Damage
Absinthe Bottle Design

A bold new take on Leopold Bros, Absinthe. This Rebranding acknowledges the mysticism and lore behind Absinthe and uses that to seduce its patrons.


Generic Dog Food 

A grocery stores take on the natural and organic dog food trend. It's intended to compete with similar brands on the shelf.

Canine Soleil For PRINT.jpg

Willie's Reserve
Cannabis Packaging

An Extensive rebranding and packaging piece that focused on the true personality behind the brand, Willie Nelson. 

FINAL Willie Nelson smol.png
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